Ski boots are specialized footwear that are used in skiing to provide protection and warmth for the foot in snowy and icy conditions, along with a way to attach the skier to skis using ski bindings so that skiers ski over snow.

Ski boots were originally made of leather. As ski binding technology advanced from a free-heel boot to a fixed heel, boots advanced from leather to plastic with protuberances at the toe and heel to fit into ski bindings. Boots come in various degrees of stiffness; beginners typically like a softer, more padded boot, while more advanced skiers prefer a stiffer boot.
Ski boots are typically fastened using between three and five buckles, although various alternatives have been tried over the years.

Comfort has been improved in recent years by the use of conformable linings (usually heated to fit). These allow an inflexible outer shell to accept a broad range of differing foot shapes.

Different Types of Ski Boots

Ski Boots come in different types and styles. There are three basic types of ski boots which vary in the way the ski boots close around the boot and your lower leg - rear-entry, front-entry, and the mid-entry or central entry ski boots.

Rear-entry Ski Boots

This is the simplest and cheapest type of ski boots and is best for beginners. They offer excellent comfort and ease in putting and taking them off by just unbuckling a flap at the rear of the ski boot.

Front-entry Ski Boots

Also known as "Overlap Ski Boots", this provides excellent control and precision while skiing. Front-entry ski boots reaches way above your ankle, and four buckles close the Ski Boots above a well-padded tongue. Its rear end may be cut a little higher compared to its sides. This high cut, called the spoiler, prevents you from shifting too far back.

Mid-entry Ski Boots

This combines the strengths of the rear-entry and front-entry ski boots. It provides the convenience of wearing rear-entry ski boots, at the same time offer the great performance and versatility of front-entry ski boots. You can recognize mid-entry ski boots by a wide-opening cuff which opens to the front and to the back.

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