The ski helmet is an essential protection measure in skiing that is built and designed for multiple impacts. Similar to snowboard helmets, ski helmets are also insulated for cold weather. This protective gear comes in different styles and types - full shell, short shell, and full face models. It dramatically reduces head trauma when experiencing a fall and can be a life saver especially when venturing off-piste on rocky or woody terrains. A ski helmet must be properly fitted to provide maximum protection, performance and comfort.

Helmets undergo tests of multiple impacts and velocity forces against various sections of the helmet to determine performance in skiing accidents. Comprehensive certfication standards include ASTM, CEN 1077, Snell RS-98 and S-98. ASTM standards have been determined by a battery of tests on helmet models, including testing the strength of a helmet's retention system under simulated hot, cold and wet conditions. While ASTM and Snell's ski helmet standards are similar, Snell tests helmets obtained by purchase from randomly chosen retailers, testing the characteristics of the helmet as manufactured.

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