There's no question that good goggles should be an essential on everybody's skiing checklist, especially in the cold and high wind of mid-winter. Save those cool sunglasses for a little later in the season, and make sure your goggles and lenses are clean and clear.

Oakley A Frame Goggles

The Oakley A Frame Goggle comes in a variety of styles and different features, but any make of this goggle will work well. These goggles will protect your eyes from the glare of snow and sun, and they are designed to give you the widest-range of vision. Also, these goggles have "Ram-Air surge ports" that encourage air flow and prevent fogging. These Oakley goggles are definitely a great buy.

Bolle Scream Goggles

The Bolle Scream Goggles are available in different styles, but each model is an excellent ski goggle. These goggles have a special "P80 Plus Carbo GlasŪ" coating that prevents fogging and scratching of. The goggle is vented, so they are doubly-protected against fogging. These goggles will be soft against your face, and they are helmet-compatible. These Bolle goggles are not only protected against scratching or fogging, but they will keep you comfortable - definitely an excellent purchase!

Marker Infinity Ski Goggles

These ski goggles offer a large range of vision - 20% wider than most goggles - and they fit comfortably. A lot of scientic research has gone into these goggles, and as a result Marker has developed a special lens that allows you to see the snow very well, to the smallest detail. Worried about harmful UV rays? Don't be, as these goggles filter out harmful rays. Ventilated well, they won't fog easily and they'll fit you with or without a helmet.