Europe Trail Ratings

In Europe, the slopes are classified by a equivalent, colour coded method, although shapes are not used (all ratings are circles). The ratings are:


Slopes for children. These are normally not marked trails, all these areas are open and the people can learn without complications.


Equivalent to the North American Green Circle, an easy trail, these are almost always prepared. The area is easy to begin your skiing practice.


An expert slope. Steep, may or may not be groomed, or may be groomed for mogul. It is worth noting that 'Black' can be a very wide classification, ranging from a slope marginally more difficult than a 'Red' to very steep avalanche chutes like the infamous Couloirs of Courchevel.


In recent years, many resorts reclassified some black slopes to yellow slopes. This signifies a skiroute, an ungroomed and unpatrolled slope which is actually off-piste skiing in a marked area. Famous examples are the Stockhorn area in Zermatt and the Tortin slopes in Verbier. In Austria, skiroutes are usually marked with orange squares instead.