Different Types of Skiing

There are many different types of skiing which are popular in the world, principally in colder climates, and many types of competitive skiing events are recognized by sporting organizations. Skiing is most visible to the public during the winter events where it is a major sport.

Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing is an exciting winter sport that challenges the athlete's downhill racing ability and coordination.

Backcountry Skiing

Backcountry skiing is a term used for all kinds of skiing that is done in the wild, where there aren't any lifts, any circuit, etc.

Cross Country Skiing

The Cross Country Skiing is a winter sport which facilitates superior physical conditioning while providing enjoyment for athletes.

Extreme Skiing

Extreme skiing is a style of downhill skiing in which the skier subjects themselves to much more adverse conditions than normal.


The concept is very simple; obtain maximum airtime and execute as many tricks as possible.

Freestyle Skiing

Freestyle skiing began in 1930s, when Norwegian skiers began to make acrobatic movements during alpine and cross-country training.


Heliskiing is the part of alpine skiing using a helicopter to get altitude instead of ski lifts.

Ski Jumping

Ski jumping is a winter sport or event in which competitors jump on skis for points or distance.

Ski Mountaineering

Ski mountaineering is a sport that combines the techniques of skiing with those of mountaineering.

Newschool Skiing

Many Newschool skiers believe that conventional mogul and aerials, do not precisely represent the true progression of "Freestyle skiing".


Snowboarding is a board sport on snow comparable to skiing, but inspired by skateboarding and surfing.


Snowkiting is an winter boardsport, this sport is practiced outdoors, integrating the airfoil and techniques used in kitesurfing, with the footgear and gliding surface used in snowboarding.

Speed Skiing

At the beginning of Skiing, a lot of persons were obsessed with the speed reached by the Skiing downhill and using gravity to propel you as fast as possible.

Telemark Skiing

Telemark skiing is all about the stoke, the sensation, that feeling of excited exhilaration that comes from getting into the groove of the tele turn.

Touring Skiing

Ski touring, too called ski mountaineering, ski randonnée, and alpine touring, uses special ski equipment that enables the user to climb then descend slopes without the aid of ski lifts.