Heliskiing is the part of alpine skiing using a helicopter to get altitude instead of ski lifts. This allows heliskiers to ski off-piste from many different starting points when compared to using regular fixed ski lifts. It also allows people to ski in remote and inaccessible areas. Heliskiing is sometimes considered an extreme sport. The main risks are avalanches and skiing into obstacles such as trees or rocks. Helicopters used for heliskiing usually have an exterior locker in which skis and other equipment can be stored.

Heliskiing is often viewed with a mixture of respect, mysticism, reverence, and fear. Despite its reputation, heliskiing is not about incredibly steep terrain, extreme skiing. It's about snow, and plenty of it. It's about powder so deep there's no point in measuring it, and skiing in it for a week at a time without coming across another set of tracks. It's about perfect conditions on every descent, day after day, and never having to wait in line.

It's about maximum satisfaction, freedom and the best skiing on this world. For a skier or a snowboarder, there is no feeling equivalent, to the sensation of carving down a wonderful slope in pristine. Ski touring also lets one experience this sensation, but the problem is, many hours of hard work climbing to the top of a mountain are usually followed by only one run with powder filled pleasures in a day - too little of the sensations longed for in the busy lives of hard working professionals. The gondola, tram, and chairlift alleviate only part of the problem. The work of climbing becomes nonexistent, but chairlifts bring multitudes of people to the same trails. Thus one run of untracked powder is still the standard with lift served skiing, but only if you are assertive enough to be in the lift line prior to its opening.

Heliskiing Heliskiing

The solution to this problem was found more than thirty five years ago, when Hans Gmoser started offering helicopter skiing in the Bugaboo Range in British Columbia, Canada. Heliskiing became more and more popular in Europe, Canada, the USA and in New Zealand. Because of the small size of certain European countries and the crowded mountain areas there, Heliskiing in Europe has almost disappeared and Europeans flock in large numbers to North America every winter to enjoy the best skiing in the world.

The powder skiing is the best skiing you will ever appreciate and enjoy. To be floating on frozen ice crystals, above the earth, is as close to flying as a terrestrial being can ever hope to be.