Balling up
A condition of the skis when snow adheres to the running surface, and thus prevents efficient glide.

Leaning the body into the centre of the radius of the turn to maintain edging and counteract centrifugal force, as you would when riding a bicycle.

The base is the average amount of snow that is on a ski trail, typically measured in inches.

Base wax
A preparatory wax applied to the base surfaces of skis to allow klisters, grip and glide waxes to take firmer hold. 'Grundvalla' is the Swedish word for this substance.

Basic stance
A position in which you might stand when about to receive a serve in tennis or squash, or when about to catch a heavy ball - with the knees flexed forward and head over the balls of your feet, and hands reaching forward slightly.

The decoration attached to the end of a pole, used to prevent the tip from going too far into the snow when pushing against it.

Competitive cross-country track-racing combined with target shooting with a rifle

Bicycle bumps
A series of offset bumps artificially formed in two set parallel tracks, to emulate bicycle pedalling with the legs.

Binder wax
A blend of synthetic resin and rubber compounds used to bind grip waxes to the ski surface, especially used to improve the adhesion of the wax to the ski.

Bindings attach your boots to your skis. They are set to skier classification, height, and weight and should only be set by a certified technician.

Black Diamond
Black Diamonds are the color and symbol used to mark advanced ski trails. Black Diamond ski trails are often difficult to ski and have advanced terrain.

Blackout Day
A blackout day is a day when, while using a season pass, your season pass is not valid and you must purchase a normal lift ticket if you wish to ski that day.

Blue Square
Blue squares are the color and symbol used to mark intermediate ski trails.

Buffer wax
A colder grip wax applied over a warmer grip wax, or klister, to prevent the skis from balling up, and yet retain grip.

Bunny Slope
The bunny slope is a ski area with a gentle slope where beginner skiers are taught to ski.