A combination of side-slipping and traversing, used as a practice exercise, often used by Alpine ski instructors.

A German word meaning terrain-jump, generally performed with a push off both poles.

Glide waxes
A paraffin wax applied to the running surface of the skis to enhance glide. See also skating wax.

Glacier Skiing
Glacier skiing is downhill skiing or crosscountry skiing in glaciers. Most glacier skiing is done in the summer, when mountains in the northern hemisphere are closed.

Glade Skiing
Glade skiing is skiing back and forth through trees.

Goggles are tight–fitting glasses that are used to protect the eyes from snow, wind, and glare.

A gondola is an enclosed structure suspended from a cable that transports skiers up the mountain.

Grip waxes
A tacky, petroleum-based wax, normally sold in small aluminium tubs, used for grip on fresh snow. Also known as hard waxes.