National Coach and Instructor Scheme, the organisation that trains and certifies all Nordic ski instructors and coaches in Australia.

Natural Torsion
The ability of the thigh and abdominal muscles and ligaments to act like a twisted rubber band.

Negative ski base
A patterned non-wax ski base that has an impregnated pattern, below the level of the base. See positive ski base also.

Non-wax ski
A ski that, in most circumstances, needs no grip wax to enable forward or uphill movement. All skis are sold without wax, yet all benefit from having wax applied frequently.

Nordic combined
A cross-country skiing competition combining a 15 km race and a 70 m jump event.

Nordic skiing
This encompasses all forms of skiing involving 'free-heel' skiing, whereby the foot is only attached at the toe region to the ski. It includes biathlon, cross-country skiing, langlauf skiing, ski-orienteering, ski-racing (track racing), ski touring, telemarking, XCD skiing, and even bushwalking on skis.

Norm point
The point at which, in ski jumping, a skier's trajectory is almost equal to that of the slope, and thus a safe and smooth landing point.