Any non-pisted area of skiable, and also un-patrolled snow. See also piste.

Offset edges
Metal edges that are slightly protruding from the sidewall of a ski (but not the base) to allow for sharpening and tuning without damaging the sidewall.

Offset skating
Also known as uphill two-skating, or open-field skating, or offset V-skating,or V-1 off-timing, this is two skating with a staggered (offset) pole plant on one side.

One skating
Also known as symmetrical V—skating, or V-2 skating. This technique is a double-pole push with every skate (i.e. to the left and the right).

One-skate double-pole
See one skating.

Open turning
Parallel turning with a wide-track stance, as opposed to the traditional 'knees-and-ankles-bolted-together' stance.

Turning (usually whilst in a low crouch) on the inside ski, with the outside ski extended outwards and off the snow.

Skiing too far around in each turn so that the skier loses momentum, caused generally by over-rotation of the upper body, or insufficient counter-rotation.