Aerial Tramway

An aerial tramway is a special type of aerial transport, usually, we know it like ropeway or cable car.


The chairlifts are a type of aerial lift, more exactly known as an elevated passenger ropeway.

Detachable Chairlift

A detachable chairlift can hold between 2 and 8 people, and these are connected to the rope or cable.


The funitels have one or two loops of rope or cable strung between two terminals over intermediate towers.


A funicular uses the technology of an elevator, it have a cable pulling a car up and the technology of a railroad, a car on a track.

Gondola Lift

The gondola lift is a certain type of aerial lift, its second name is cable car or aerial lift.

Ski Tow

The Ski tow, also known as a rope tow or handle tow, is a mechanised system for pulling skiers and snowboarders uphill.

Platter Lift

A platter lift, is a mechanised system for pulling skiers uphill.

T-bar Lift

The T-bar lift, is a mechanised system for transporting skiers, snowboarders, etc. uphill.


The Telemix is a new type of Ski Lifts. The lift was first introduced by Poma.

Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet Ski Lift is a new conveyor lift product which provides a high capacity surface lift with a friendly design of virtually any length and for any ride