All forms of Snow Sport carry some risk and, sadly, the powder of snow and wildest experiences bring the greatest hazards. Skiing is a highspeed Mountain Extreme Sport which exposes you to Different Kinds of Dangers. The dangers that are related with being on a snowy mountain area are just one of those, but all can be minimised with knowledge and common sense. Thousands of skiers get seriously injured each year and some even die. Before You Go Skiing, you should feel sure that you have some basic knowledge of the risks you are taking to be able to take the necessary precautions and be able to handle crisis situations.

Ski Safety Tips

Get to know some ski safety tips.

Avalanche Knowledge

Avalanches are a real danger for all those who visit snowy mountainous areas.

Before starting to ski on the slopes

When you ski, the possibility that you hurt yourself are comparatively lower than in bicycling, skateboards, or jet skiing.

Suggestions when you are on the slopes

If the control before hitting the Slopes is very important, also, making your way to be safe while on the slopes is of equal importance.

How to fight with the cold?

Make yourself competent of combating cold by taking note of these guidelines.

First Aid for winter sports

Our intention is to teach you about the types different of "First Aid" for the different kinds of accident that you or your partner might experience in the outdoor.

Alpine Responsibility Code

Please adhere to the code listed below and share with others the responsibility for a safe outdoor experience.

Cross Country Skier's Responsibility Code

Always show courtesy to others and observe the code listed below and share with others the responsibility for a great outdoor experience.