It is very important that you know all the related about first aid. You should take your time to learn the instructions or tips to assure you have some basic knowledge. Of this way, you can confront and help to somebody in some accident.

The basic

  • Don't lose the calm and control Don't add more tension to the situation. The victim and the incidents will previously cause a tense situation do nothing to add to the tension but try to calm it down instead.

  • DR. ABC The letters in DR.ABC tell you the basics of what you should do in a First Aid situation:

    • D - Danger Check the danger and source of the injury inflicted to the victim. Make sure the danger has passed and the surrounding are safe. There is no use of becoming a victim yourself. Assess the situation.
    • R - Response Check the Response of the victim by simply asking them how they are. If they can answer your question then that tells you that the victim is conscious, breathing and that the heart is working. If the victim is unable to response move onto the ABC:
    • A - Airway Make sure that the victim has an open airway. Tilting the head back with the chin facing up will clear an airway.
    • B - Breathing Make sure that the victim is breathing by looking at breathing signs, listening to exhales and feeling air coming out of the mouth or nose.
    • C - Circulation Make sure that the victim has blood circulation. Check for a pulse and visual signs such as complexion and blinking of the eyes.
  • Send for Professional Help If there are a lot of persons designate one person to call for aid. If you have a mobile telephone or other way of reaching the outside world, use it. Explain clearly and calmly the location of the accident and the condition of the victim.