Toni Nieminen

The Youngest Male Winter Champion

On 14 February 1992, Toni Nieminen led the Finnish squad to victory in the team ski K120 event. With this win, he became the youngest male to earn a gold medal in the history of the Winter Olympics.

At 16 years and 259 days, he beat bobsledder Billy Fiske's record by one day. Two days after the team event, Nieminen competed in the individual K120 event. Both of his jumps earned the highest scores of the competition. With this victory, Nieminen set another record - as the youngest male winner of an individual event.

This time he beat the previous mark (set by figure skater Dick Button) by almost two years. He also won a bronze medal in the K90 individual event. When Nieminen returned to Finland, he needed a police escort to protect him from the crowd of teenage girls.