Veikko Hakulinen

Olympic medalist

Veikko Hakulinen (January 4, 1925 - October 25, 2003) was a Finnish Forestry technician and cross country skier, triple champion in both the olympics and world championship competition in crosscountry skiing. Besides his main forte, he also competed in biathlon, orienteering, ski-orienteering, cross country running and rowing at a national level and continued in senior competition.

Sports teams Hakulinen has represented in his career include Asikkalan Raikas, Valkeakosken Haka, Jämsänkosken Ilves, Evon Metsäpojat, Tampereen Hiihtoseura, Tampereen Pyrintö and Tampereen Maila.

From the Oslo winter games, Hakulinen made a mark with his 50 km winning time of 3:33.33.

In Finland, Hakulinen was chosen sports personality of the year in the years 1952, 1953, 1954 and 1960. He was decorated with the Pro Urheilu letter of recognition 2000.

Hakulinen also won the 50km at the Holmenkollen ski festival twice (1953 and 1955), the 18 km (1953) and the 15km (1957). For his efforts in cross-country skiing, Hakulinen was awarded the Holmenkollen medal in 1955 (Shared with King Haakon VII, Hallgeir Brenden, and Sverre Stenersen.).

Hakulinen's military rank was sergeant. He died in an accident on October 25 2003.