This discipline at the Olympic Winter Games, comprises twelve different cross-country skiing events. Women compete in the sprint, team sprint, which involves 10km individual start, 15km pursuit, 30km mass start and the 4x5km relay. Men compete in the sprint, team sprint is comprised by 15km individual start, 30km pursuit, 50km mass start and the 4x10km relay.

Cross Country Events

Sprint Events: This event involves a individual time trials on the sprint course with a 15-second interval start. The fastest 16 athletes are selected and move on to elimination heats. So the top two finishers in each quarter-final advance to the semi-final rounds, which are held as two heats of four athletes each. The final round lies of one heat of four athletes (two from each semi-final heat).

Team Sprint Events: This event involves the semi-final and final rounds. Between the semi-finalist there are 10 or more teams consisting of two athletes (A and B) who perform the relay three times (A, B, A, B, A, B). The best five teams qualify for the final.

Pursuit Events: These events have a mass start and the athletes use both techniques within the same race. In the course of a pit stop at the stadium after half of the race distance has been completed, the athletes change equipment from the classical to free technique.

Mass Stara: Here competitors start simultaneously, lined up in rows. The winner is the first competitor who across the finish line.

Interval Stara: In this event, competitors start in intervals of 30 or 15 seconds depending on the event. The winner is the athlete with the fastest individual time.

Relays: A team is comprised of four athletes, where each of whom ski one leg of the race and then tags off to a team-mate.

    List of events

  • 10km pursuit Men
  • 15km Men
  • 30km mass start Men
  • 4x10km relay Men
  • 50km Men
  • Sprint 1,5km Men
  • 10km Women
  • 15km mass start Women
  • 30km Women
  • 4x5km relay Women
  • 5km pursuit Women